Consumer behavior has changed, but your supply chain has not.

Inspired by nature, optimized for modern commerce.

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Attabotics is the only fulfillment solution built from the ground up for each item digital commerce

Meant for any-sized spaces & unconventional areas

Drive revenue while rushing fulfillment

Designed to bring retailers closer to the consumer

Own your brand experience

Optimal density without stacking or digging

No conveyors required– just pick, pack, & ship

Inspired by the framework of ant colonies, Attabotics replaces the rows and aisles of traditional fulfillment centers with a patented storage structure and robotics shuttles that utilize both horizontal and vertical space, reducing a company’s warehouse needs by 85%.

And we’re taking it a step further

We’re working with Microsoft and other partners at the highest levels to deliver a distributed, multi-tenant supply chain model for fulfillment centers to leverage data, the cloud, and shared pay-for-use robotics facilities.

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