About Us

We are ATTAbotics and we are reinventing the supply chain world to be more efficient, agile and simple. Our robotics technology is a disruptive change to goods-to-person fulfillment. Our vision will change the face of today’s supply chain.

We are a growing team of relentlessly capable roboticists, engineers, technicians, business management and operational staff. We have significant experience with many successes and yes, a few past scars to keep us in check. We are growing the team with additional competencies for delivering state of the art technology.

Who we are.

Scott Gravelle

Scott Gravelle Chief Executive Officer

Chris Lewis

Chris Lewis Chief Operating Officer

Eli Aviv

Eli Aviv Chief Financial Officer

Jennifer Aubin

Jennifer Aubin Chief People and Culture Officer

Rob Cowley

Rob Cowley Co-founder and Director of CNC Manufacturing

Tony Woolf

Tony Woolf Co-founder and Director of Operations

Simon Lomas

Simon Lomas Director of Mechatronics

Shawn Needham

Shawn Needham Director of Business Development

John Hickman

John Hickman VP of Manufacturing

Brad Simpson

Brad Simpson Director of Growth

Derek Tse

Derek Tse Director of Client Services

Joel Pollard

Joel Pollard Director of Software

Brady Fisher

Brady Fisher Director of Manufacturing Operations

Stacy St. Marie

Stacy St. Marie Director of People


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Our Culture

Here at ATTAbotics, we have a lot to celebrate and that we do often. A job well done requires a cohesive, driven team along with confidence-inspiring leadership. Together we bring new, revolutionary ideas to life that will change the world and have a lot of fun doing it.

Our Culture
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