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BUILDING THE ENGINE for evolving fulfillment

We bring revolutionary ideas to life and have fun doing it. Attabotics builds a new ecosystem to replace the unreliable systems of today, propelling the industry into a new era defined by a smoother flow of goods and a reliable supply chain.

We are proud to have achieved a lot already, but we know that our journey has only just begun. Join our team and help design the engine for evolving commerce.

Unlocking the future of fulfillment

The nature of commerce has evolved rapidly over the last decade, putting growing pressure on outdated supply chains as online retailers try to keep up with customer demand for ever-faster deliveries.

That’s why Attabotics created a system that is dynamic and augmentable – both in terms of hardware and software capabilities – to cater to evolving needs over time, driving supply chains into the future. 


We realized early on that there were different ways of approaching storage and fulfillment, inspired by nature’s most efficient and complex systems: Ants. Leaf cutter ants build their colonies vertically in columns, with all columns connected and each storage chamber accessible from the top and the bottom. 

Inspired by ant colonies, we created a complete, fully 3D solution with storage and picking stations – The Studio – and shuttles that can access any bin without having to reshuffle the entire system. By allowing the shuttles to move freely in any direction – at the bottom and on top of The Studio – they can access any bin to pick exactly and only what they need. 

Our solution only needs 15% of the space required by conventional ASRS systems, enabling fulfillment spaces to do a lot more with a lot less. 

We are transforming fulfillment to meet the expectations of tomorrow’s workers and customers, creating a flow of things that is fast, reliable, and sustainable. 


Scott Gravelle founds Attabotics


First prototype is developed


First customer pilot is deployed


Partnership with Microsoft established


$20M in-house manufacturing facility goes live


AI/ML initiative launched


Entrance into Asian & European markets

Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

We are committed to creating seamless and efficient global supply chains in harmony with people’s needs and respect for nature’s boundaries. By working closely with our stakeholders, we can foster sustainable and equitable business practices throughout our industry and in the communities where we operate.

Together, we can not only build bigger, but build smarter and better.

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Attabotics is the world’s first 3D robotics supply chain system

Attabotics replaces the rows and aisles of traditional fulfillment centers with a patented storage structure and robotics shuttles that utilize both horizontal and vertical space, reducing a company’s warehouse needs by 85%.

By empowering retailers, grocers, and ecommerce providers to place fulfillment centers near high-density urban areas, Attabotics helps create jobs and decrease carbon emissions by closing the last-mile delivery gap.

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Scott Gravelle

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Jennifer Aubin

Chief People & Culture Officer

Richard Cheung

Chief Financial Officer

John Hickman

SVP, Manufacturing

Shawn Needham

SVP, Business Development

Stacy St. Marie

VP, People & Culture

Brad Simpson

VP, Corporate Development

Amy Walsh

VP of Legal and General Counsel

Julien Seret

VP, Product Management

Chris Capshaw

VP, Solution Design

Mark Dickinson

VP, Product Delivery & Client Operations


Our solution has been deployed by major department stores and retailers across apparel, food & beverage, and home goods. Even more than that, we were selected by the United States Department of Defense (DoD), to install our state-of-the-art solution at the Marine Corps Logistics Command (MARCORLOGCOM) in Albany, Georgia.

Our journey and high-tech solutions have been covered by The Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, CNBC, Business Insider, Tech Crunch, TEDx, and the National Retail Federation (NRF).

Attabotics is also proud to have raised more than $165M USD in capital from a range of financial actors such as Export Development Canada (EDC), Canadian pension plans and various US-based private equity and venture capital players.