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LIMITLESS APPLICATIONSScalable Warehouse Fulfillment Solution

Storing and moving the things you need

The Studio is designed to work in your fulfillment space – whatever its dimensions or type of items you work with. In short, our fulfillment engine is almost universally deployable.

Our platform is scalable to grow with your organization, with software that is infinitely augmentable to adapt to your needs. Ensuring that the system you invest in today is optimized beyond tomorrow.

Industry agnostic

Our solution provides efficient fulfillment to many different businesses and industries, from fast moving consumer goods to grocery and manufacturing. Attabotics has been chosen as a partner by major brands including luxury department stores and other apparel, food and beverage, and home goods retailers to meet their fulfillment needs.

Our state-of-the-art automated storage and retrieval technology enables companies to adapt to new consumer behavior and ever-changing demands. We provide fulfillment systems for a range of sectors including:

Transforming the flow of Retail

By optimizing inventory and leveraging existing real estate assets whenever possible, we eliminate bloated legacy inefficiencies, realizing the lowest cost of fulfillment. We enable retailers to remain agile to ever-changing requirements, placing all the products consumers want close to where they live.

Transforming the flow of e-Commerce

E-Commerce fulfillment is traditionally done using very human centric processes, resulting in inefficient warehousing – from picking and packaging to shipping. We enable the e-Commerce industry to change from a cost cutting priority to a revenue opportunity, increasing efficiencies in each-item picking and improving brand experience.

Transforming the flow of e-Grocery

Our solution gives e-Grocery retailers access to bigger inventories and better warehouse processes to maximize efficiencies and profits, giving your buyers consistent product quality, wide selection, and a timely delivery of their shopping list.


The Gallery (the cube) is designed to fit into your existing warehouse, regardless of its dimensions. It can be installed without floor remediation or extending your warehouse space and can easily be scaled together with your business. Investing in The Studio is also an investment in real estate, as it condenses your fulfillment space by 85%, freeing up space for other needs and use.

If you are investing in new real estate for your fulfillment space, The Studio will help you optimize your facility’s layout as well as your costs and operations. The Studio lets you cut the space required by 85%, while accessing the most advanced cube storage system on the market today and tomorrow. Our proprietary software designed specifically for our Gallery is infinitely augmentable, ensuring that you always have a state-of-the art operating system to manage your workflows and SKUs.

Dark stores will help you shape a cost-effective system to reach more customers. The Studio allows you to manage a dark store with optimal throughput and maximum SKU availability. The fully three-dimensional design allows our robots, the AttabotTM Blades, to access all bins without digging. Through this design, we remove single points of failure and allow your system to continue operating, no matter what.

By setting up a smaller, automated warehouse to fulfill orders, you can decrease fulfillment times significantly. With The Studio we provide the highest solution density of all ASRS systems on the market, allowing you to process more orders with higher complexity in the least amount of space. We provide a solution that can fit into any space or size – whether in the city center, the mall, or beyond.

If you are managing a store-within-a-store, we understand your struggle. The high density of The Studio will allow you to store and process much more in far less space, with less labor. We will configure the Gallery to fit in your warehouse space, however small (well, almost), letting our AttabotTM Blades do the heavy lifting for you.

Case Study

Gordon Food Service

Since 2018, Attabotics has provided its solution to Gordon Food Service in Calgary, the Western Canada division of North America’s largest family-operated broad-line food distribution company.

With an increasing consumer demand, Attabotics has supported Gordon Food Service by integrating The Studio directly into the food distributor’s existing manual picking operations, significantly increasing the company’s throughput of order fulfillment.

We have been able to operate more efficiently with our existing staff and space, especially during the summer when demand is at an all-time high. Attabotics has been a true extension of our operations over the course of our ongoing partnership”

Rogie Jubran, Vice President Western Canada
at Gordon Food Service, Calgary

Case Study

US Department of Defense

Attabotics has, in partnership with KPMG, been selected by the United States Department of Defense (DoD) to install The Studio as part of a prototype solution at the Marine Corps Logistics Command 5G Smart Warehouse Experiment in Albany, GA.

The facility’s logistics operations include identification, recording, organization, storage, retrieval, and inventory control of material and supplies. Additionally, the “smart warehouse” will create an opportunity for testing, refining, and validating emerging 5G-enabled technologies.

The partnership will focus on increasing and optimizing the performance of the warehouse. Attabotics’ high bandwidth and ultra-low latency solution works in tandem with maximum wireless security to allow for the development and testing of autonomous robotic inventory management and augmented and virtual reality applications. The solution thereby improves workforce efficiency in warehouse operations.

Frequently asked questions

Yes! The Studio is modular and scalable. Users can easily add storage, throughput, or both, depending on the business’ needs with minimal operational disruption.

Attabotics systems can be built up to 9 meters (29 feet 6 inches).

We can automate approximately 75% of a typical grocery store’s SKUs, equating to 60% of total sales.

The Studio runs in ambient and chilled environments (from 2C to 40C) and operates in non-condensing humidity range between 15-90%.


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