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Effective, Efficient, Elegant

Attabotics modular 3D architecture is designed to put anywhere. We stand apart from competing automation solutions with our revolutionary sleek design, consolidating your inventory footprint by up to 85%. Our intelligent cube storage system:

  • Is ready to install today, with a self-leveling ecosystem requiring no floor remediation
  • Requires less human labor than manual systems
  • Fulfills orders in under 90 seconds

Looking for autonomous capabilities to put directly in your stores, with no downtime? Fill out the short form to have a member of the Attabotics team contact you directly.

Learn About Our Tech

See how we helped GFS Calgary increase efficiency by 200%

Attabotics and Gordon Food Service Calgary are happy to celebrate a partnership that has continued since 2018. GFS Calgary and Attabotics have worked together to continuously improve the system, resulting in a 2X efficiency increase of throughput within their Attabotics system. Click below to read the full case study.

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