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2023 Trends Report: Automated Storage and Retrieval System


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In 2020, the pandemic caused massive disruptions in how companies order, store and distribute products. But what about the following years? Would emerging trends continue into 2021 and 2022, or would the retail, electronic commerce (eCommerce), and grocery environments shift back to pre-pandemic habits? Was this the “new normal” or just a blip on the radar?

Trends kicked off by the pandemic are here to stay. The good news is that innovative solutions can help companies survive and even thrive amidst the changes. Getting products to customers more quickly with expectations of same- or next-day delivery, handling labor shortages, and accommodating the increasing public and private focus on sustainability are transforming the automated and storage retrieval systems (AS/RS) industry. Companies can maintain a competitive advantage by investing in AS/RS solutions that have evolved to include smarter spaces and systems.

Let’s dive into these two emerging trends, what AS/RS may see in the future, and how to navigate all the changes.

Read the entire report here: Attabotics ASRS Trends Report 2023