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Case Study

Case Study: ASRS and Gordon Food Service


Gordon Food Services (GFS) has been providing customers excellence, expertise, and quality products as a family-operated broad-line food distribution company since 1897. With automated sorting and selection systems first introduced in 1980, the business has seen significant value over time in adopting new technology and their passionate commitment to their customers continues to drive them towards innovation.

The Challenge

Accelerating customer demand created a need to upgrade storage capacity and improve picking processes. GFS was looking for an upgrade to its fulfillment operations, specifically adding an automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) that would allow the company to operate new technology in tandem with their legacy picking processes to increase overall efficiency.

The Solution

GFS chose Attabotics as its strategic partner in upgrading their legacy storage and fulfillment operations to allow for more capacity and throughput without leaving their current warehouse space. Attabotics was able to integrate their 3D robotic solution directly with GFS current manual picking operations to significantly increase throughput of order fulfillment, while facing minimal downtime throughout the process.

The Result

Today, Attabotics and Gordon Food Services are happy to celebrate our 4th year of partnership. GFS and Attabotics have worked together to continuously improve the system, resulting in a 2X efficiency increase of cases within the operation Attabotics solution. This partnership has provided a valuable element of stability and has allowed the GFS organization to become more efficient when compared to the previous manual picking process, particularly during times of peak demand.

“We’ve been able to operate more efficiently with our existing staff and space. Attabotics has been a true extension of our operation over the course of our ongoing partnership.”

-         Rogie Jubran. Vice President Western Canada at Gordon Food Service.


Download the full case study here: Attabotics ASRS Each-Pick Fulfillment with GFS Calgary