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Protecting Progress: How Safety Drives Innovation at Attabotics 

As the supply chain industry evolves and consumer demand for rapid and same-day delivery grows, it is more crucial than ever for businesses to stay ahead of the curve. Attabotics is at the forefront, empowering businesses to transform their supply chains using our unique 3D cube technology. 

Our history of deploying cutting-edge products is rooted in a safety-first mindset ingrained deeply into our company standards and culture. We are proud to uphold the highest standards across every aspect of our business, from meticulous product design, to testing and manufacturing.  

Attabotics has built a solution for global standards. Through continuous data collection and analysis, we consistently monitor and enhance the safety of our solution. This includes NRTL certification through CSA, UL and TUV SUD. We partner with industry-leading specialized engineering firms to ensure the evolution of the product line. We have incorporated advanced telemetry at the product level to provide situational awareness and facilitating a rapid response. This includes:  

The Gallery: The dense and vertical nature of the Gallery allows for less airflow within the structure, forcing an upward trajectory of a fire to set off ceiling sprinklers above the Studio. We have done full-scale burn testing with UL to successfully validate the ability of the sprinkler system to suppress fire events.  

The bins: The Attabotics bins are specifically designed to allow water to flow through the bin ensuring that the sprinkler system can reach the entire area affected in an event. 

The Attabot™: The Attabot™ is safety certified to UL/CSA62368-1 and is manufactured in a facility with ISO9001 certification. Its design incorporates several safety mechanisms, including the Power Distribution Board (PDB) Enclosure, Electronics Cavity Cover Plate, and V5 Capacitor Module Enclosure. The PDB Enclosure assembly, constructed with two sides of fire-resistant aluminum, acts as a shield to reduce the spread of flames within the electronics cavity. The Electronics Cavity Cover Plate isolates the electronics cavity from the V5 Capacitor Module while also reducing airflow, further protecting against potential hazards.  

The power source: The Attabot™ is powered by a supercapacitor bank. The Capacitor Module Enclosure mechanically protects the supercapacitor cells and is resistant to dust and water splashes. Over-current and over-voltage protection circuitry reacts to electrical faults within milliseconds. It is also outfitted with temperature sensors which trigger alarms if over-temperature faults are encountered. It is equipped with a 125A fuse, providing additional over-current protection, and enhancing the safety measures in place. 

The chargers: Both high and low-current power supplies are certified as well as all charge cabling and contacts. Each has its own built-in short-circuit protection, with additional circuit breakers on the high-power rails.  

This commitment to safety further extends beyond our business to our clients, who share our safety-first mindset. If this resonates with you, let's work together to advance safety standards and drive innovation in the industry. Let’s Talk 

To receive our safety eBook when it becomes available in spring 2024, enter your information by following this link: Protecting Progress: Safety eBook