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Supply Chain Technology Report 2022


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The supply chain of yesteryear would be barely recognizable today. What were once considered back-end operations have been pushed front-and-center, with an outsized role to a company’s bottom line and survival. But long before the pandemic and its resulting crisis threw shipping and logistics into chaos, change was already in the air.

Companies have been increasingly embracing technology to help navigate today’s hyper-complicated supply chain, and myriad start-ups and solutions have sprung up to reshape the first, middle and last mile in new and exciting ways. Call it Sourcing 2.0.

And it’s go bold or go home. “There are a lot of technologies that will incrementally improve the network you currently have,” said Scott Gravelle, CEO and founder of warehouse storage systems and robotics company Attabotics. “[But] incremental improvement does not solve this problem.”

This report takes a deep dive into the companies, systems and platforms that are turbocharging this evolution with robust moves, using AI and predictive analytics to address everything from forecasting, inventory management and warehousing to returns and freight forwarding. The surge in e-commerce has put additional pressure on retailers to find efficient ways to fulfill orders outside a store, with little room for error.

Download Sourcing Journal’s 2022 Supply Chain Technology Report to discover:

  • The companies that are altering the logistics landscape
  • How Nike, PacSun, HanesBrands and Caleres utilize tech to optimize inventory assortment
  • What Wayfair can teach the fashion industry on in-house logistics
  • What self-driving trucks mean for logistics… and labor
  • What the future holds for warehouse rents
  • The transportation and logistics mergers reshaping the industry
  • Where digital freight forwarder Flexport is investing in tech


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