Robotic automation solution for where you are and where you are going

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Increase efficiencies in each item picking and Improve brand experience

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Reduce cost per order with a complete turn-key solution

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Each Pick

Address space and labor challenges across industries

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Network Supply Chain

Attabotics micro-fulfillment gives brands the ability to place products nearly in the backyard of their customers across the United States.

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Inspired by the vertical column access framework of ant colonies.

Attabotics replaces the traditional 2-D rows and aisles of traditional fulfillment centers with a patented 3-D storage structure and robotics shuttles that utilize both horizontal and vertical space, reducing warehouse needs by 85%.

Attabotics is attracting many of the biggest retail and grocery brands in the world

World’s only high density 3D solution

Most scalability

Lowest cost per order

AI-powered perfect sequencing

Complete any order at any pick station

Densest storage

No single point
of failure

Pick, pack and ship in one single and integrated process flow

Engineered for retrofits and new facilities

Direct access to every storage location - no digging or stacking

Complete storage and throughput independence

Fits in any space

Attabotics’ market metrics are superior to other solutions


less space than traditional warehouses



reduction in labor costs



reduction in capex



enable 1-hour delivery time


The configurable geometry uniquely allows any robot to pick any bin

Without moving any other bin and from anywhere in the structure, bins are presented to any pick station in the structure, and do so in any order.

The Attabotics system components include:

Original, extremely dense and scalable storage structure

Order fulfillment workstations

Induction / replenishment stations

3-Dimensional robotic shuttles

Order sequencing algorithm

600x600 mm bin with up to 16 custom storage compartments

Robotic functions, including storage, retrieval, inventory, sortation, returns/replenishment, buffering capabilities, and workstations, etc.

System software to operate the entire system including all functionality associated with induction

System Interfacing

The Attabotics robotic warehousing sortation and fulfillment system interfaces with existing and future warehouse management systems.

The unique structure configuration enables Attabotics to provide full sortation, sequencing and buffering capabilities within the existing footprint – stripping out the cost and space requirements for external sortation and providing this functionality within the existing footprint of the structure.

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