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2022 Amii Impact Report: Attabotics Partners with Amii to Be More Responsive


Artificial intelligence capabilities are rapidly transforming our lives and businesses. The Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (Amii) recently shared transformational success stories from business adoption of AI in their 2021-22 Impact Report. The highlights of this year's report included Amii’s work maximizing the throughput of our Attabotics system through artificial intelligence & machine learning.

Attabotics has been collaborating in partnership with Amii, and with AltaML, a Canadian applied artificial intelligence and machine learning company, to bolster artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities for supply chains since 2021. "Our work with Amii has allowed us to realize so much systematic potential," said Sean Murphy, Attabotics' Director of Innovation, speaking to the success of the collaboration in the report. Amii’s expertise in supervised learning and reinforcement learning has led to potential speed gains in order management and routing decisions which will help our clients fulfill orders faster and get products out sooner.

By working with Amii, organizations support a continuous loop of AI advancement for the betterment of industry and society. Highlighted in the report are 378 active researchers and teams and 74 industry partners. Amii supporters in 2021 and 2022 included the Government of Canada, CIFAR, the Government of Alberta, Alberta Innovates, and the University of Alberta.


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