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Attabotics Partners with SYNUS Tech to Advance Smart Factory Robotic Solutions in the South Korean Market and Beyond



Exclusive partnership will fuel micro-fulfillment capabilities and adoption for SYNUS Tech customers throughout the South Korean market

CALGARY, Alberta--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Attabotics, the world’s first 3D robotics supply chain system for modern commerce and SYNUS Tech, a logistics automation company, today announced an exclusive partnership to provide integrated logistics system warehouse solutions to the South Korean markets.

“SYNUS Tech is excited to lead the deployment of Korean micro-fulfillment market with Attabotics, the world’s first 3D storage system supplier”

SYNUS Tech, based in Bundang, Republic of Korea, is a specialized technology company that provides smart factory total solutions to the semiconductor, display, and secondary battery industries since 1997. SYNUS Tech recently advanced on Live-Commerce market through MOU with Lala Station. With the help of partners such as Attabotics, SYNUS Tech is expanding smart factory total solutions and integrating AI into warehouses for the first time in Korea.

Through the exclusive partnership, SYNUS Tech and Attabotics will deploy comprehensive micro-fulfillment solutions in South Korea based on the latest logistics automation technology. Attabotics condenses an average 1M+ square foot warehouse into a single, vertical storage structure that saves upwards of 85% space, and uses 3D robotic shuttles internally to store and pick goods for workers (who work outside the structure) to ship materials. Where other warehouse robots are ground-based AGVs (automated guided vehicles) moving back and forth on the floor, Attabotics’ 3D robotic shuttles make use of height and the X,Y, and Z axes to store and pick goods. Using Attabotics technology at micro-fulfillment centers enables faster picking and shipping times, and the reduced warehouse footprint allows enterprises to place micro-fulfillment centers in high-density areas, reducing the emissions and carbon output typically associated with last-mile delivery.

“Attabotics is proud to partner with SYNUS Tech as they continue to grow as a leading technology company in the market,” said Scott Gravelle, Founder and CEO of Attabotics. “We’re excited to expand Attabotics’ reach into the South Korean market and are looking forward to working with others to bring smart factory total solutions to warehouses in the region.”

“SYNUS Tech is excited to lead the deployment of Korean micro-fulfillment market with Attabotics, the world’s first 3D storage system supplier,” said Chairman Joo Hun Kim, CEO of SYNUS Tech. “We will also willingly cooperate with Attabotics for the Asian regional market development beyond Korea.”

Attabotics has successfully installed one of two demonstration systems, or “Anthills” which showcases the company’s all-in-one robotics supply chain system at SYNUS Tech’s plant in Chungbuk and its headquarters in Bundang.

“We will introduce Attabotics MFC through this exclusive sales contract along with logistics automation technology accumulated for 25 years to lead the domestic MFC business,” said an official spokesperson for SYNUS Tech.

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About SYNUS Tech

As a material automation company, SYNUS Tech provides AMHS (Automated Material Handling System) Total Solutions developed only by domestic researchers for layout design, product design, production, installation and AS in the semiconductor and display industries.


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