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Modern Beauty Supplies Taps Attabotics to Advance Fulfillment Operations



CALGARY, Alberta--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Modern Beauty, Canada’s leading beauty retailer, announced today that the company has partnered with Attabotics, the world’s first 3D robotics supply chain system, to introduce state-of-the-art automation technology to the company’s fulfillment center in Calgary, Alberta.

“We’re here to help customers meet the demand of today’s consumer, which is why we look forward to helping the Modern Beauty team build the supply chain of the future and provide an enhanced fulfillment experience.”

An exclusive distributor of globally recognized professional beauty brands, the highly automated facility will support Modern Beauty's 34 store locations in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan.

Attabotics’ scalable system condenses traditional warehouse aisles into a single, vertical storage structure. Inside the structure, robotic shuttles move in three-dimensional space to store and deliver goods to workers on the perimeter that pick, pack and ship modern commerce orders. Optimizing space allows additional storage capacity and throughput to support growth without the need for expansion. Direct access to every bin also allows for efficient omni-channel distribution.

“Joining forces with Canada’s principal beauty supplier and fellow Calgary-based business to accelerate their growth and satisfy customer needs is a project the Attabotics team is eager to explore – and one that we’re incredibly proud to collaborate on,” said Attabotics Founder and CEO Scott Gravelle.

The structure will be located at Modern Beauty Supplies' existing warehouse in Calgary, Alberta, and is projected to begin operations as soon as Q4 2022. Measuring approximately 19,500 square feet, the new fulfillment system will boast more than 26,000 bins, 33 Attabots, five picking stations, and four replenishment stations.

“We believe Attabotics is the future of warehouse automation,” said Amer Jomaa, COO of Modern Beauty Supplies. “The partnership of the two Canadian based companies will assist in taking the beauty industry to the next level by investing into the future and the latest technology to help support our client’s needs.”

“Our alliance with Modern Beauty Supplies is key in demonstrating and advancing our fulfillment capabilities across high-demand industries, especially as we continue to engage with potential partners across the ever-changing and demanding commerce landscape,” said Gravelle. “We’re here to help customers meet the demand of today’s consumer, which is why we look forward to helping the Modern Beauty team build the supply chain of the future and provide an enhanced fulfillment experience.”

About Modern Beauty Supplies

Established in 1986 in Calgary, Alberta where we continue to operate today, Modern is one of Canada's largest beauty suppliers and is the exclusive distributor of numerous professional beauty brands recognized globally. We are passionate about the beauty industry and servicing Canada's licensed beauty professionals; now with 34 stores and over 200 employees across Canada, we are better able to do so. Modern Beauty offers a full range of high-quality spa & salon supplies, equipment, and furniture in Canada.

Modern Beauty is a family owned and operated organization, and the people behind the scenes are one of our core competencies which make up our Modern Family. In 2022, Modern Beauty was recognized as one of Canada’s Best Managed companies for the third year in a row. We are dedicated to being the go-to resource for all of our clients’ professional beauty needs, providing them with the brands and products they love, the latest beauty technologies and access to the newest trends and education. We are passionate about supporting the success of our clients’ businesses while ensuring they’re given an excellent customer service experience.

As part of the ever-changing beauty industry, we are constantly looking for ways to challenge and reinvent ourselves. At Modern Beauty, we work to stay ahead of trends and technology to ensure the satisfaction of our clients, manufacturers, employees and the community at large.


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