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Introducing NodeX™: Attabotics’ Next-Generation Workstation for Advanced Efficiency and Comfort

CALGARY, Alberta –  Attabotics has revealed its latest advancement in workstation technology: NodeX™. Building upon the success of its predecessor, this next-generation workstation elevates the user experience while optimizing productivity and efficiency. The new NodeX™ is engineered to tackle common pain points in human-machine interaction, empowering businesses and their employees to maximize their potential in the ever-evolving landscape of fulfillment operations. 

Featuring ergonomic enhancements to address the needs of warehouse staff, NodeX™ is designed with comfort in mind. This includes a 15-degree tilt and optional foot platform to reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries and worker fatigue, ensuring a safer and more comfortable working environment. 

Key features include: 

  • Enhanced productivity: Capable of handling up to 400 presentations per workstation per hour once fully optimized, NodeX™ ensures swift and efficient processing of goods.  
  • Compact design: With a footprint of 3.9m², NodeX™ conserves valuable warehouse space while delivering unparalleled performance and flexibility to add more as needed.  
  • Advanced safety mechanisms: Equipped with emergency stop and light curtain features, this workstation prioritizes the well-being of operators and safeguards against potential hazards. 
  • Reduced maintenance needs: NodeX™ minimizes downtime for uninterrupted operation with a reduction in maintenance requirements by up to 20%. 

"At Attabotics, we understand that success isn't just about technology—it's about empowering individuals to excel in their work" said Julien Seret, VP of Product Management at Attabotics. “NodeX™ represents a step forward in workstation technology, offering a seamless blend of innovation, efficiency, and user-centric design." 

NodeX™ seamlessly integrates into the Attabotics system, enabling businesses to streamline their operations and consolidate multiple processes into a single, cohesive flow. With the flexibility to pick, pack, and ship from a unified point, Attabotics empowers businesses to create integrated workflows that optimize productivity and minimize logistical complexities. 

For more information about NodeX™, download the product brochure here.